English summary

1 . My qualification and experience

The offer of my consultancy firm MSP-CONSULT, s.r.o., Trnava is focused on the advisory and consultancy services and management of the small and medium enterprises. My qualification (economic university degree) and experience in financial management of the industry firms are a good guarantee for the support by the fulfillment of the business aims and firm strategy of my customers.

I would like to present some my activities and successes:

  • the win in the competitive examination for the position of the chairman of the Office for State Aid of Slovak Republic (the resolution No.280/2002 of the Government of the SR, not realized owing to structural changes in the Office for the State Aid)
  • the membership in the Supervisory Council of the s.e. Mincovna (Mint) Kremnica (2003-2007)
  • the co-operation with the Ministry of Economy of the SR (and others Ministries) by the evaluation of EU-projects for industrial firms (2003-2012)
  • the co-operation with the Regional district Trnava (VUC) by the evaluation of projects of the regional and municipal development (2006-2007)
  • the involving in the register of recommended advisors for the SBA/NADSME (2005, 2014 again, Slovak Business Agency, small and medium enterpreneur support in Slovak Republic)

2. The customer perspective of the company

The role of small and medium enterprises is important  in the economy of EU. The growth of our economy is not depending only on the development of the foreign investments, but also on the increase of the competitiveness our business sector. First of all many small and medium enterprises will have to improve their business results and firm culture. Many firms had some problems with the liquidity and return of the equity. They often don’t had enough information about the possibilities and instruments of the state aid and support of the enterprise, including possibilities of the financial aid of EU. The identification of convenient receivers of this aid is one of the most important tasks of advisory firms. The staff of many small and medium firms often don’t have these knowledges and experience.

I think this is a good opportunity for the offer of consultancy services in the financial and strategy management.

Striving to reach the more comprehensive offer of the advisory services, I co-operate with the tax advisor and business support specialist in the mechanical engineering. Our education and managing experience are a good assumption for better co-operation with our customers. In addition we provided advisory services (2006-2009) in the Technological University Incubator of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava within special national project.

3. The offered services

  • information about the programmes for the business support
  • consultancy services for the financial management and firm strategy
  • standard financial analysis procedures and financial planing
  • alternatives of the project financing
  • elaborating of the business purposes and projects
  • the co-operation by the negotiation with the banks
  • information about the investment incentives and the state aid
  • elaborating of the annual reports and special analysis
  • business consulting and various projects of the EU financing


Stanislav Horváth, MSP-CONSULT, s.r.o., Trnava